Two for One - Lego Disney Enchanted Treehouse - Mother's Day Mixer:£41

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Two for One - Lego Disney Enchanted Treehouse - Mother's Day Mixer:£41 - Lego Disney

Treehouse steps over 7' (20cm) higher, 9' (25cm) broad and also 7' (20cm) deep.

This buildable Frosted toy for females as well as young boys and for all followers of the Frozen II motion picture creates a perfect Xmas gift or birthday celebration gift.
There are many woodland adventures for Disney Frozen fans to construct and play out in the l Disney Frozen II 41164 Enchanted Treehouse established. This buildable magic treehouse playset includes a bedroom location in the base of an eating as well as the tree place on the flooring above. There is actually a step ladder as much as the hunt and also a fantastic zip line to whizz up to the enchanted forest flooring, where kids are going to love to take care of the 2 rabbits in their little residence. A camping place as well as a fishing region with flying fish function are excellent for producing enjoyable journeys along with Anna, Olaf and Mattias coming from Frozen II. Explore the woodland and discover the legendary rocks on a legendary and wonderful adventure. Consists of 3 preferred Disney signs coming from Frozen II as well as 3 LEGO creature characters.
Accessory elements feature Mattias's falchion, treasure trunk, telescope, fishing pole, container, fish, glasses, plates, scissors, carrot as well as an apple.
Includes Anna as well as Mattias mini-doll numbers, plus 4 numbers: Olaf, 2 bunnies and a fish.
Can easily be actually built with each other along with all other original blocks for creative building.
Combine along with 41165 Anna's Kayak Exploration, 41166 Elsa's Wagon Journey, 41167 Arendelle Palace Village, 41168 Elsa's Fashion jewelry Container Production and 41169 Olaf for a lot more l Disney Frozen II experiences.
Disney Frozen followers are going to really love to construct a treehouse and discover the captivated forest to discover the mythological rocks.
Attributes a treehouse along with downstairs bed room, upstairs eating place, search high rise, zip cord, rabbit property, camping location as well as a sportfishing place, plus a magic website.
The ideal Disney plaything building set for reenacting remarkable scenes along with Olaf, Anna and Mattias from Frozen II, or even generating new role-play rainforest experiences along with beloved Disney characters.

Two for One - Lego Disney Enchanted Treehouse - Mother's Day Mixer:£41



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