Sale - Lego Buddies Emma'S Picture Studio Husk - Internet Inventory Blowout:£6

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Sale - Lego Buddies Emma'S Picture Studio Husk - Internet Inventory Blowout:£6 - Lego Friends Sets

Open up a globe of imagination along with Emma's Photo Center Sheathing. This portable sheath includes an Emma mini-doll number, a pet feline amount, buildable picture workshop devices and also diverse accessory aspects to motivate endless Buddies enjoyable anywhere you go.

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Resolutions over 2' (6cm) high, 2' (6cm) broad and 1' (3cm) deep
Features a mobile plastic shuck in purple with an Emma mini-doll number, family pet pussy-cat body, buildable picture center devices as well as diverse accessory aspects inside.

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Sale - Lego Buddies Emma'S Picture Studio Husk - Internet Inventory Blowout:£6



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