March Madness Sale - Lego Area Ski Hotel - Mother's Day Mixer:£68

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March Madness Sale - Lego Area Ski Hotel - Mother's Day Mixer:£68 - Lego City Set

Utilize the 4x4 vehicle's snowplow to clear the way so the snowmobile can easily create it back to foundation!
Warm beverages as well as cupcake stand procedures over 3' (10cm) high, 2' (6cm) vast and also 1' (3cm) deeper.
Ski store along with major screen measures over 5' (15cm) higher, 4' (12cm) wide as well as 2' (7cm) deep.
Consists of 11 Urban area minifigures: 3 ski watch members, a ski outlet salesperson, chopper pilot, skier, snowboarder, 2 youngsters, warm cocktails stand up salesperson as well as a client, plus canine and also buildable snowman amounts.
This fun building and construction plaything collection includes a 2-level rescue bottom with interaction antennas on the roofing, ski patronize silver screen television and snowboard as well as ski shelf, hot cocktail and also dish stand up as well as an amazing snow park with a pale rod, half-pipe along with stairway get access to and a different grind rail.

Snowmobile with trailer procedures over 1' (5cm) higher, 7' (18cm) long and 1' (3cm) broad.
Experience awaits your youthful sporting activities fan using this winter-themed set loaded with opportunities. This great Urban area 60203 Ski Retreat toy collection features a 2-level saving foundation, ski patronize silver screen TV and also snowboard and also ski shelf, scorching beverages as well as cupcake stand and also an awesome snow playground with lightweight pole, half-pipe as well as distinct grind rail. This terrific building and construction plaything established for little ones also features a rescue 4x4 vehicle with transferable snowplow, snow sled along with connected trailer, plus a chopper with opening up cockpit, spinning blades and a cam, 11 minifigures, a canine amount and buildable snowman amount.
This awesome plaything for children creates a great private play present!
Tons up an injured skier on the snowmobile's cot and deliver all of them back to the rescue base for aid.
4x4 vehicle along with snowplow amounts over 3' (9cm) higher, 5' (14cm) long as well as 2' (7cm) large.
Spin the rotors on the chopper to hover over the snowfall playground and also claim to movie the snowboarders.
Snowfall playground along with half-pipe steps over 4' (12cm) high, 6' (16cm) broad and 4' (12cm) deep.

On top of that, this building set for youngsters includes a rescue 4x4 plaything truck with adjustable snowplow and roofing rack, snowmobile with connected trailer, plus a helicopter along with opening up cockpit, spinning rotors as well as a video camera.
Chopper with cam steps over 2' (7cm) high, 7' (20cm) lengthy as well as 2' (7cm) broad.
Device components feature 4 sets of skis, 3 pairs of ski poles, 4 snowboards, 4 mugs, 2 dishes, a syringe aspect, hand cast, 2 ice selections, pair of field glasses, 2 walkie-talkies, 2 shovels, toolbox/first aid package, wrench, axe, rounded saw, broom, snowfall footwear, headgear with ski eye protections, warm and comfortable hat as well as a cot, plus a block separator and a buildable indicator.

Saving base solutions over 7' (20cm) higher, 7' (19cm) large and 2' (7cm) deep.
Grind rail solutions over 4' (11cm) large.

March Madness Sale - Lego Area Ski Hotel - Mother's Day Mixer:£68



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