Exclusive Offer - Proven Titan Ultra-Compact Dual-Output LED Keychain Illumination. - Anniversary Sale-A-Bration:£62

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Exclusive Offer - Proven Titan Ultra-Compact Dual-Output LED Keychain Illumination. - Anniversary Sa - Surefire Flashlight

Virtually undestroyable, high-performance LED is moderated to maximize outcome and also runtime.
* runtime per ANSI standard utilizing featured AAA NiMH battery.
Higher: 125 lumens/ 1 hour *.

Electric batteries 1: AAANiMH( incl.) orAAAalkaline.
Product DetailsSurefire Titan Ultra-Compact Dual-Output LED Keychain Illumination.
Move change-- just spin counterclockwise repeatedly to specify and trigger output level or even shut off.
Size 3:.0 inches.
Bezel Dimension 0:.58 inches.
Reduced: 15 lumens/ 8 hrs.

Backed through SureFire's No-Hassle Promise-- as well as competitively priced.

Proprietary faceted reflector develops extensive, impeccable MaxVision Beam of light? that matches your line of vision-- and permits better situational recognition.
Included stainless steel crack band on tailcap easily and also safely and securely affixes to tricks.
Mass w/Batteries 0:.9 oz.
Developed to SureFire's exacting standards-- and also developed for everyone-- the groundbreaking Titan is the globe's very first professional-grade keychain flashlight. This ultra-compact, dual-output feat of engineering flaunts an exclusive faceted reflector that forms the lighting from its own high-performance LED in to a wide, soft MaxVision Beam of light? at both 125 and also 15 lumens-- amazing amounts for a finger-sized light. The beam is actually perfectly well balanced and much better protects your dark-adapted dream considering that it doesn't possess an intense place. And its large light beam design was made to match your field of vision. Since of all these factors, it much better keeps your overall situational understanding, vital for properly navigating in the dark.The small however powerful Titan was actually made to always be with you and, to that point, includes a stainless steel crack ring that firmly connects to your secrets-- ensuring it'll certainly never run out scope. To trigger Titan, just turn its head counterclockwise (with mind pointing away coming from you) for low output. Come back to off through rotating clockwise, at that point turn counterclockwise again, within one 2nd, to let loose all 125 room-filling lumens from Titan's high-performance LED. Powered by its consisted of AAA NiMH rechargeable electric battery (wall charger certainly not included), Titan can easily generate valuable light output for as much as 8.5 hrs on a solitary charge, due to its innovative microprocessor that continually handles the circulation of energy. This versatile keychain illumination can likewise run of an easily accessible AAA alkaline electric battery for approximately thirteen hrs. AAA lithium electric batteries use raised runtimes on low-output environment-- approximately 17 hrs. Titan's stylish yet tough physical body is preciseness machined from sturdy, light in weight aerospace aluminum and further safeguarded through a hard-anodized finish that fulfills high armed forces specs. As well as its head is covered off by a covered, practically indestructible polycarbonate home window that likewise optimizes lightweight output. The rugged, unique Titan was actually constructed to take on the components and the severities of contemporary lifestyle. It might just be the last keychain light you'll ever have.
Result/ Runtime-- White Light.
Powered by an included rechargeable AAA NiMH battery (battery charger offered separately); can likewise be powered by an easily available AAA alkaline electric battery and also a AAA lithium battery.

Exclusive Offer - Proven Titan Ultra-Compact Dual-Output LED Keychain Illumination. - Anniversary Sale-A-Bration:£62



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