Liquidation Sale - STREAMLIGHT PROTAC 1L-1AA DAILY CARRY TORCH 88061. - Give-Away:£46

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Liquidation Sale - STREAMLIGHT PROTAC 1L-1AA DAILY CARRY TORCH 88061. - Give-Away:£46 - Streamlight protac series

; 2,750 candela. b. Low: 40 lumens; 53m light beam; operates 7.5 hours( alkaline); operates 14 hrs( lithium); 720 candela. c. Strobe for signaling or even disorienting: runs 3.5 hrs( alkaline ); operates 8 hrs( lithium). * IPX7 water-proof to 1 meter for half an hour; 2 meter impact protection evaluated. * Strong State energy requirement delivers maximum sunlight result throughout electric battery lifespan. * Consists of nylon material holster, one CR123A lithium battery as well as
one' AA' alkaline electric battery( also allows one' AA' lithium battery ).

SPECIFICATIONSHigh Lumens: 350. Run Opportunity above: 1.30 hours.
* 4.25 '( 10.8 cm);
oz( 79g) along with AA alkaline battery; 2.4 oz( 68g) along with double a lithium electric battery. * Restricted life-time service warranty. * RoHS compliant.
Max Candela: 6,400. Electric Battery Style: Double A Alkaline, CR123A Lithium, Double A Lithium.
Operate Time on Low: 14.00 hrs. Beam of light Range: 160 meters.
* Durable, anodized aluminum development with impact-resistant relieved glass lense. * Rubber push-button rear switch. * Durable pocket clip.

2.5 oz( 71g) along with CR123 electric battery; 2.8
c. Strobe for signaling or even disorienting: operates 3 hours. * AA?alkaline/ lithium electric battery outcome: a. High: 150 lumens; 105m beam; runs 1 hr twenty minutes (alkaline); runs 4.25 hours( lithium)
Product Details88061- ProTac 1L-1AA along with alkaline and lithium electric batteries as well as nylon holster- African-american. Satisfy the perfect daily bring light. This dual fuel ultra-compact torch approves a solitary lithium or alkaline battery, offering you with ultimate versatility in the business to ensure you always have a beam of light when you need it. FEATURES * TEN-TAP? Programs allows for variety of 3 various operating programs: 1) high/strobe/low 2) high simply 3) low/high.
Closed Length: 4.86'. Training class: Blue.
* Approves a single lithium or even alkaline battery. * CR123A lithium battery output: a.
High for intense illumination:? 350 lumens; 160m beam; operates 1.5 hrs; 6,400 candela. b. Low for a lot longer operate opportunity: 40 lumens; 53m beam; operates 14 hours; 720 candela.
* Anti-roll scalp.
Electric battery Amount: 1. Length: 4.25 inches( 10.80 centimeters ). Mass: 2.80 ounces( 79.38 grams). Colors: Afro-american.

Liquidation Sale - STREAMLIGHT PROTAC 1L-1AA DAILY CARRY TORCH 88061. - Give-Away:£46



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