Special - Sylvanian Families 3 Tale Home - Spree:£51

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Special - Sylvanian Families 3 Tale Home - Spree:£51 - Sylvanian Families

Illuminate your Sylvanian household's world along with the Sylvanian Families Ceiling Illumination.
Use the featured installment instructions to accommodate the mild function right into Sylvanian Family members residences like the Reddish Roofing System Comfy Cottage and the Red Roof Nation Home.
All Sylvanian families prefer to view each various other brightened, nice and cosy, when they are actually with each other on a darker evening.
For grows older 3 years and over.
Our Product Variety:550027.

This operating electrical light suitable could be set up in any Sylvanian Family residence (marketed separately).
Producer Variety:5528.

Producer: Era.
All lightings need 2x AAA electric batteries to work.
Grow older:3 years+.

Special - Sylvanian Families 3 Tale Home - Spree:£51



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